Per Minborg

Per Minborg
Per-Åke Minborg is founder and CTO at the Speedment AB. He has worked in numerous international projects and systems management for new radio systems, GSM / EDGE radio standardization within ETSI. He has generated +100 patent applications and invention disclosures within the field of radio communication, information security, cloud-technology and graph database technology.He has previously served as CTO and founder of Phone Pages AB. Per-Åke has a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology and several years of studies in computer science and computer security at university and PhD level.

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Taking Speedment for a spin

Creating database content with Java 8

Per Minborg, founder and CTO at the Speedment AB, reminisces about the old (Java) days when people were experimenting with Java and databases and paves the way for Speedment, the Java 8 Open Source project which can be used to extract Java code from existing database schemas without trouble and directly start coding applications.