Pavan Belagatti

Pavan Belagatti
Pavan Belagatti is a Growth Hacker at Shippable, a hosted continuous integration & continuous delivery platform. Google Certified Digital Marketer. Nowadays talking more about Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, DevOps & Microservices.

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Face it — The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing

DevOps is fragmented, it’s time to unify the bits and pieces

When companies initially decide to embrace DevOps, they feel good and confident about it, but they all find it hard when they really start working on it. The reason for this is simple: DevOps is fragmented, and the only folks who understood this were the early adopters and leaders such as Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, etc. What’s left to be done?

Know the facts

How green is your DevOps?

“Worked fine in dev — ops problem now” is a rather common one-liner but it’s also true. Mitigating the ‘fight’ between Dev and Ops is no easy job but that’s where DevOps comes into play. In this post, Pavan Belagatti explains the meaning of green DevOps.

6 must-have tools for DevOps success

DevOps has gone mainstream; everyone is talking about it, every company is trying to do it and every manager is trying to be successful at it. But for that to happen, we need the right tools. Here are the top 6 must-have tools for DevOps success.