Nigel Moulton

Nigel Moulton
Nigel Moulton is the EMEA CTO at VCE, the Virtualised Computing Environment Company, based in London, UK. Moulton has over 25 years experience in the IT and Telecommunications industry, having also had previous roles both with 3Com, DLink and Cisco Systems.


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IT at the speed of business

In the future, 2015 could be looked back upon as the year in which modern business mentality changed its attitude towards technology, and fully embraced IT.

Breaking down barriers

Is your IT department a zoo or a safari park?

As a developer, are you able to run free with other species? Are Ops and architects allowed to frolic together as God intended? Or are you trapped in a pen of expertise? Nigel Moulton discusses the pros and cons of converged skills in IT departments.