Marco Schulz

Marco Schulz
Marco Schulz studied computer science at the University of Merseburg. His personal focus is on software architectures, automation of the software development process and software configuration management. For over fifteen years developed web applications for well-known companies. Currently he works as a freelance consultant and is the author of several articles.

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Just finding the right flow

Git secrets unveiled: Branching models and workflows for SCM systems

Source control management systems (SCM) are a part of the standard equipment of a software developer. Despite their daily usage, there are still many helpful techniques that are largely unknown. There are quite a lot of SCM tools [1]. This article refers to the freely available, distributed SCM tool Git that has a very high relevance due to its widespread use. And with only a few adaptations many of the here presented practises can also be applied to other solutions as well, for example, subversion.