Marcin Kuzminski

Marcin Kuzminski
Marcin is a Python enthusiast, open source evangelist, and co-founder of RhodeCode, Inc. In addition to Python, Marcin has extensive experience with JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and C++. He's worked as a software developer and CTO in Poland, Israel, Germany, and USA. In his spare time, Marcin has been heavily involved in many open source projects including; RhodeCode, VCS, Celery, Pyramid, Mercurial, Dulwich, Salt, and Libcloud.


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The problems of DVCS

How Git and Mercurial can hurt your code review

For all of their efforts in helping teams deliver more commits, Git and Mercurial have also introduced one significant problem: the slowing down of peer reviews. Marcin Kuzminski explains how “pragmatic groupings” can help.