Manuel Mauky

Manuel Mauky
Manuel Mauky works as software-developer at Saxonia Systems AG in Görlitz since 2010. He’s especially active in frontend-domains, but for quite some time busy with JavaFX. In addition, he’s interested in topics like software-architecture plus functional as reactive programming. Manuel is founding member and chairman of the Java User Group Görlitz.

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GraphQL in the client with Apollo

How to develop GraphQL frontends with Angular and React

GraphQL, the web API query language developed by Facebook, has been gaining attention for several years now. And also here in the Java Magazine, several articles on the subject matter have appeared, such as in issue 5.18 and 7.18. But while those examined the server-side in detail, the client itself was left out. This article will focus on the usage of a GraphQL interface in the frontend, while also taking a closer look at both Angular and React.