Lukas Eder

Lukas Eder
Lukas is a Java and SQL aficionado. He’s the founder and head of R&D at Data Geekery GmbH, the company behind jOOQ, the best way to write SQL in Java.


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Efficient, not lazy!

Are Java 8 streams truly lazy? Not completely!

It’s time to talk about Java 8 streams. Are they actually a sign of lazy coding? In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder explains why they are important and why you should filter first, map later.

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Sunny with a chance of tweetstorms: 32 opinions about Java

Whether it’s about open source, Java, or even the intractable debate over stateful design vs. stateless design, Java Champion Lukas Eder has a lot of thoughts about the current state of the programming world.

Common sense programming

10 tips on how to be a great programmer

Talent can be important to succeed, but following common sense rules while programming is vital. In this article, Java champion Lukas Eder shares his top tips on how to code like a great programmer.

Function with care

Beware of Functional Programming in Java!

Lukas Eder loves functional programming, but he also wants you to function with care. Here he takes a look at higher order functions and how their equivalent methods in Java can lead to a lot of debugging through memory leaks and other alarming issues.