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Lolita Rogers
Lolita Rogers is a web developer and UI/UX designer. Producing at the crossroads of minimalism and sustainability to answer design problems with honest solutions.

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Mistakes to avoid

When to use NgRx reactive extensions for Angular

Angular lets developers achieve higher performance levels, in addition to great speeds and tooling. However, there are still questions that have remained unanswered. In this article, you will learn more about what is NgRx and what are the benefits of using the extension for Angular. Lolita Rogers will also indicate some core mistakes and how NgRx features will help solve them.

The good, the bad and the takeaways

React Native: A new competitor to native development?

React Native is only two years old but it has already proved its usefulness. However, is it as convenient as some say? In this article, Lolita Rogers weighs in on the advantages and reveals exactly what you should be aware of.

It's more like a guideline

Code refactoring: Do’s and don’ts

Code refactoring is great, because who doesn’t like optimized code? Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to hard-to-find errors. So, what’s a dev to do? In this article, Lolita Rogers goes over the do’s and don’ts of code refactoring and share some techniques to save yourself trouble down the line.