Ken Gordon

Ken Gordon
Ken makes EPAM Continuum’s work visible to the necessary people. He creates superlative content, works with colleagues to do the same, and employs social networks to share it widely. A card-carrying humanist, Ken co-founded QuickMuse, the improvisational writing website, and JEDLAB, the Jewish education community. He has written for, the New York Times, and many other pubs. Ken has an English degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an MA in English from the State University of New York at Albany. He framed both diplomas long ago, but can’t seem to find them now—a fact he considers all-too-human.

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The Outcomes & Iterations of Agile

Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices, Part III

Whether it’s a faster turn for development, more robust products or a delighted customer base—the benefits of Agile are there for organizations to realize. Learn how to curb your technical debt, close out your initial Agile-baed projects and know when your teams are “done”.

Running an Agile Program in Your Organization

Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices, Part II

It’s important, with Agile, to attain the right level of flexibility, run effective standups and Scrums, and take short sprints. This post focuses on what happens after liftoff: Best practices for actually running Agile within an enterprise. Ready to bring the concept down to earth? Let’s make it real.

Launching an Agile Program with a Remote By Design Approach

Agile in the Age of Pandemic: Best Practices, Part I

The Agile methodology began nearly 20 years ago, with the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Since then, Agile become has been adopted by most successful software development organizations, especially those competing on “internet time.” What are the best Agile practices?