Karsten Thoms

Karsten Thoms
Karsten Thoms has worked for itemis since 2003. He is a well-known expert on language engineering and part of the Eclipse Xtext core developer team. For over 10 years now, Karsten has been a committer to Eclipse projects, currently Eclipse Xtext, Eclipse Platform, MWE, and Xpand. He also contributes to numerous other Eclipse projects, such as JDT, EMF, Equinox, and Oomph. Karsten is a frequent speaker at international conferences and a writer for German tech magazines.


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Core Xtext dev Karsten Thoms tells us about the latest update

Xtext 2.19 release – builds on Eclipse’s new infrastructure JIRO

The Xtext team has released version 2.19.0 of Eclipse Xtext & Xtend. The current version is mainly a maintenance release. After working hard on some new features in the past releases, it was time for summer vacation during the current release period and for some focus on build engineering tasks. Still over 350 pull requests made it into the short release period.