Kai Tödter

Kai Tödter
Kai Tödter is a Senior System Software Architect at Siemens Building Technologies. He has ca. 20 years Java-experience and represented Siemens at Java Community Process (JCP) and Eclipse Foundation. Kai is also a committer for some open-source projects and his current key subjects are web-technologies, microservices and hypermedia-APIs.

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Interview with Kai Tödter

„For me, browsers are the new Rich Client Platforms“

Elegant web applications can be built with AngularJS, Typescript and Spring Boot. The method will be explained during Kai Tödter’s workshop (Siemens) at the JAX conference; he will also dive into the eternal war between JavaScript and TypeScript and explain the way REST and HATEOAS work. He offered us a preview of what his workshop is all about.