Jitin Agarwal

Jitin Agarwal
Jitin (Jit) Agarwal serves as EPAM’s VP of Enterprise Products where he is focused on productizing and monetizing EPAM’s intellectual property and core services. Mr. Agarwal is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully led multiple startups to scale and launched numerous products in his career. Most recently, he created and ran the assetSERV™ Business Unit at Cognizant, where he grew revenues from $100K to $100M+ in TCV over his tenure. Mr. Agarwal has expertise in all aspects of product and venture lifecycles, including ideation, funding, development, sales and marketing as well as post-sales customer success. In addition to working with startups, he has worked at a number of leading technology firms, including Microsoft, Cognizant and Gartner. Mr. Agarwal is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and Northwestern University.

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