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Freshly sprung

Oliver Gierke: Spring Framework 4 – A Guided Tour

Spring Framework 4 builds the foundation for the next major generation of the Java application framework. The talk gives a practical overview about fundamental infrastructure improvements such as Java 8 support and the integration with the latest Java EE APIs. It also covers major enhancements all across the framework such as advanced support for Groovy, hypermedia aspects for REST web services as well as WebSockets support. Filmed at JAX London 2013.

Keeping limber

Dwight Merriman: Databases and Agile Development

Much has been made of scalability as a driver for choosing a database, but the choice of a database influences much more than the scaling architecture. Different database choices drive different data models which in turn influence the development process. In this talk, Dwight Merriman, founder and CEO of 10gen and a core MongoDB committer, draws on his experiences from DoubleClick, where he was founder and CTO, as well as his experiences founding Gilt Groupe, ShopWiki, and Business Insider, to discuss how the influence of the database on the development process and how making the right database choices can allow agile development. This keynote was filmed at JAX London 2013.

Yeah baby!

James Governor: The upswing – How Java got its mojo back

Whether we’re talking Analytics, Big Data, Cloud, NoSQL, Continuous Integration and Deployment, Mobile computing or Minecraft, Java is at the nexus of the mass convergence of trends we’re currently seeing in tech. It’s still fashionable in Web developer circles to dismiss Java the language, but its not going anywhere, and the JVM as we know it goes from strength to strength. In this talk, James Governor looks to put the return of Java into context, with both stories, and quantitative data.

Gotta love a lambda

Jamie Allen: What you need to know about Lambdas

In this JAX London 2013 Keynote, Jamie Allen discusses best practices for using Lambdas in Java and other JVM-based languages, and shows how we can make these constructs more usable in production. He also reviews concepts associated with lambdas to make sure everyone is on the same page, such as closures, higher order functions and the relationship between methods and functions and how they relate to Lambdas.

The world on time

Continuous Delivery: Yevgeni Kabanov on “FedExing” your commits

When you send a package through FedEx it goes through a tracked, automated process to ensure the package arrives promptly at the destination. The same should apply to every commit you make. Continuous delivery describes how this process can be made fully automated and transparent. Yevgeni Kabanov (Zero Turnaround) shows you how your commits can be “FedExed” to production on application servers like JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic and others with the help of Jenkins and Live Rebel. Filmed at W-JAX in Munich.


Complex Adaptive Services: 21st-Century IT Strategies.

Catch Jeff Sussna’s keynote from W-JAX. Filmed at W-JAX in Munich. We are witnessing dramatic changes in business in general and IT in particular. Cloud computing, social networking, and the IoT are replacing already complicated systems with ones that are even more complex. The need for business agility is requiring IT to shift its focus from efficiency to adaptability. Society as a whole is moving from a product-based to a service-based economy, and pulling IT along with it. These trends necessitate fundamental changes in the kinds of solutions we provide, and the practices we use to provide them.

Never enough immutable things

Why even Clojure and Scala haters should pay attention to functional programming

In this interview, Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks) explores why learning functional programming paradigms is now so critical for developers. He also outlines why functional thinking, continuous delivery, and agile architectures are vital for scaling the changing face of the modern tech environment. Filmed at W-JAX in Munich.