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Watch Arne Blankerts' International PHP Conference session

The future of authentication – WebAuthn with PHP

WebAuthn is coming and it’s going to make passwords and phishing a thing of the past. Are you ready? Arne Blankerts has got you covered – learn what it’s about, how it works, and how to leverage its potential for you today using PHP and JavaScript.

Watch Thiago da Silva Alves and Jean Metz's Machine Learning Conference 2019 session

Honey bee conservation using deep learning

Honey bee colony assessment is usually carried out via the laborious manual task of counting and classifying comb cells. Beekeepers perform this task many times throughout the year to asses the colony’s strength and to track its development. As you can imagine, this is an extremely time-consuming and error-prone task.

The early bird catches the worm

Last chance to get Early Bird tickets for Blockchain Technology Conference

Time is running out if you want to save up to €200 with your Blockchain Technology Conference tickets! It takes place in Berlin from November 11 – 13, so you know you don’t want to be anywhere else! More than twenty five international speakers will open your mind with three days of sessions, keynotes, and talks. Learn about blockchain technology, smart contracts, dApps and more.

Watch Sebastian Struß's International PHP Conference session

Migrating from bare metal machines to AWS ECS

In his International PHP Conference talk, “Migrating from bare metal machines to AWS ECS”, Sebastian Struß talks about how AppLike moved from bare metal machines to AWS ECS (and vagrant to Docker in the development environment).

Watch Dave Farley's JAX DevOps keynote

Taking back software engineering – craftsmanship is not enough

Would you fly in a plane designed by a craftsman or would you prefer your aircraft to be designed by engineers? Engineering is the application of iterative, empirical, practical science to real-world problems. Craftsmanship is a wonderful thing, and as a reaction to the terrible abuses of the term engineering in software development, software craftsmanship has helped in our learning of what really works.

Watch Jabe Bloom's DevOps Conference 2019 keynote

Two Frames on Development and Operations

DevOps and Serverless, two frames for making sense of the waves of change in IT. Moving beyond a modernist organizational concept, large enterprises and start-ups alike are no longer simply asking “can this be automated (the modernist conception)” but are instead turning towards understanding “what it will mean when this is automated”.