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Dr. Jamie Allsop speaking at JAX Finance 2016

The problem with finance

Finance isn’t just about developing technology with a few rules and regulations, it’s about the complex interactions between people and systems and the events that have helped shape the global economy over the past decade. It’s also a domain of contradictions. In this talk, Dr. Jamie Allsop will look at the problem of finance, where we are today, how we got here and how we might make sense of it all.

Interview with David M. Brear

Fintech is “banking’s cooler cousin”

Recently, we talked with David Brear about the seemingly inevitable clash between FinTech and the banking industry, his best guess at the industry’s next step, and what exactly happens if banks don’t change with the times.

Pirates of the JVM Series

Functional programming made easy: Here comes Eta

We’re making an unexpected stop today while sailing the Functional Sea. All haul ashore for some liberty on Eta Island! We talked to Rahul Muttineni, CTO at TypeLead and the creator of the Eta programming language about its advantages and disadvantages, its core principles, and more.

"Beautiful is better than ugly"

Jython: Python for the Java Platform [Pirates of the JVM]

We’re still sailing the Dynamic Sea — you’ve already met Gosu and Golo so now it’s time to meet Jython, the island where Java sailors get seduced by Python. We talked to Frank Wierzbicki, Jython Project Lead about its advantages and disadvantages, its core principles and more.

Pirates of the JVM series

Gosu — Hey look! It’s a pragmatic language for the JVM. A simple language

Finding the island of Gosu is not an easy thing to do. According to the legends of the Pirates of the JVM, the mystical island of Gosu is a chameleon when it comes to staying in one lane. What makes Gosu so unique? Is it really a *simple* JVM language? We talked to Scott McKinney, the language’s father, about its advantages and disadvantages, its core principles and more.

See Stefanos Zachariadis speak at JAX DevOps on 5 April 2017 in London!

How to catch critical bugs before your users do

We’ve been really enjoying JAX DevOps in London this week. Stefanos Zachariadis, one of our speakers, was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions about the importance of data testing, how to keep end users from getting bugs, and why you should invest in a data “cleanser”.

Most clicked news

Top 10 Java stories of March

Readers seemed to be diving deep into the archives of JAXenter this month. Our top favorites included how to build a REST API, the all new Angular 4, and the evergreen NetBeans or IntelliJ debate.

Unleashing the extreme power of today’s CPUs with a stream-oriented architecture

Financial portfolio management with Java on steroids

Unleashing the extreme power of today’s CPUs with a stream-oriented architecture! Marcus Gründler’ JAX Finance session will show you how to achieve speed improvements of a factor of 100-200 times compared to classic object-oriented design.