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Watch Geertjan Wielenga's JAX London 2017 session

Finally, Enterprise JavaScript is easy!

Is enterprise JavaScript really that hard? Or is it really usable in the context of enterprise applications and as the basis of front-end browser-based applications? Watch Geertjan Wielenga’s JAX London 2017 session and find out all the answers you need.

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JAX Magazine is out: It’s onwards and upwards for Java

Java 10 was “the fastest in Java’s 23-year history” and now we’re just one month away from Java 11 so it’s not far-fetched to say that Java’s new chapter is exciting. This issue depicts Java’s new journey but it’s not (just) an ode to this 23-year-old programing language; if you’re a DevOps aficionado or expert, you’ll surely enjoy the second part.

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HOT or NOT: Top 5 Java stories so far

Knock, knock! Who’s there? It’s another list, only this time it’s *all* about the hottest Java news we had so far in 2018! Why you ask? First of all, because we are definitely having fun making these lists! And second, we have so many things that went down during the first half of 2018, so how can we keep up without a quick recap? What’s more, we have a very special JAX London goodie bag for you at the end of this article!

Watch Sumanas Sarma and Rob Hinds' JAX London 2017 session

Agile machine learning: From theory to production

With artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming increasingly relevant for modern enterprises, many companies might be feeling the pressure to invest in an AI strategy, before fully understanding what they are aiming to achieve. In this session, Sumanas Sarma and Rob Hinds explain how you can go from theory to production in adopting machine learning solutions.