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The new journey begins

Road to Angular v9: 9.0.0-next.2 fixes a handful of bugs

Now that Angular v8 is here, it’s time to embark on a new journey: towards the next release! It’s never too soon to look forward to the future, and we are already watching for Angular v9. What’s new? No new features with this new update, however, some bugs and issues were resolved and squared away.

Watch Dr. Pieter Buteneers' Machine Learning Conference 2019 session

Chatbots suck

Chatbots suck. Watch Dr. Pieter Buteneers break down how and why they suck, how they might be improved in the future, as well as some of the failures he and his team experienced and how they learned from them. This is the talk he gave at Machine Learning Conference 2019.

Watch Oleg Šelajev's JAX DevOps 2019 session

GraalVM: Run programs faster everywhere

GraalVM can run programs faster, everywhere. Watch Oleg Šelajev show off GraalVM demos at JAX DevOps 2019 and discuss its uses, including how to use the JVM JIT compiler, run native and polyglot programs, how to compile them, and more. Find out everything that GraalVM can do for your Java ecosystem.

Time for a new thread

First look at JDK 13: Rampdown Phase Two, no new JEPs targeted

The development of JDK 13 proceeds smoothly. As per the JDK schedule, JDK 13 has officially entered its next phase of the development process: Welcome to Rampdown Phase Two. With this, the overall feature set is now frozen and no further JEPs will be targeted for this release. Catch a refresh on what JEPs are targeted for JDK 13.

Hot off the press

New JAX Mag issue: Exploring the IoT universe

We’ve prepared a double dose of goodness for you with this special double issue! We’ve dedicated one half to talking about the IoT universe’s growth and dominance, and the other half to JAX London, bringing together features from experts innovating in the fields of Java, microservices, continuous delivery and DevOps.