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Get it before it’s gone

DevOpsCon: Exclusive Special ends October 19

Come and see: DevOpsCon will take place in Munich from November 20th – 23rd. Get your tickets now to the conference for continuous delivery, microservices, Docker, cloud computing, lean business, and more. Save up to € 375 and get a free Raspberry Pi if you buy your tickets now!

Developers rejoice

Eclipse Oxygen.1a is out — with support for Java 9 and JUnit 5

Oxygen.1a update release is now available for download. The most noteworthy things available in the Oxygen.1a are definitely the Java 9 and JUnit 5 support. If you want to know more about the IDE improvements, you’re in luck: Holger Voormann has created a video to help you navigate easily through all the changes.

Most clicked news

Top 10 Java stories of September

Fall is in full swing with leaves changing colors and crackling delightfully underfoot. Now it’s time to check in with what’s going on in the Java world. What did we read in September? Turns out, we were very interested in the long-awaited Java 9 release, energy-efficient programming languages, and the latest Angular updates.

Third release this year

Kubernetes 1.8 brings security and stability improvements

This release is *not* about introducing new features — instead, its aim is to strengthen existing ones. In short, Kubernetes 1.8 “represents a snapshot of many exciting enhancements and refinements underway.” Let’s see some of the highlights.

Beta will be available on Monday, September 11

Mesosphere adds Kubernetes support on its DC/OS platform

As of Monday, September 11, Mesosphere will offer Kubernetes support [in beta] on its DC/OS platform. In short, “this means there’s no restriction on features you can use, and you will always have the latest version of Kubernetes available through DC/OS.”

Containers — Expectations versus reality

Continuous Delivery with containers: The good, the bad, and the ugly

In this talk, Daniel Bryant, CTO at SpectoLabs and JAX London speaker looks at the high-level steps that are essential for creating an effective pipeline for creating and deploying containerized applications. Topics covered in this talk include the impact of containers on CD and lessons learned the hard way (in production).