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Jane Elizabeth
Jane Elizabeth is an assistant editor for JAXenter.com

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Mark your calendars for Bitcoin Pizza Day!

From pizza to space: The Bitcoin phenomenon

The first Bitcoin transaction paid for two Papa John’s pizzas. So, what better way to think of the growth of Bitcoin, than in pizza boxes? In this article, Nandik Barbhaiya explores the growth of Bitcoin via pizza.

Spring is everywhere

Spring Tools for Eclipse IDE

Get started with the latest generation of Spring Boot for the Eclipse IDE! In this article, Martin Lippert goes over how you can work on large microservice applications that are based on Spring Boot with some helpful tips and tricks. Plus, a sneak peek at what’s in store for Spring Tools 4!

The rise of language server plugins

The Language Server Protocol (LSP) was big last year. It’s now time for the rise of LSP plugins! Lucas Bullen explains what language server protocols are, how they changed the IDE landscape, and talks about what kind of language server plugins 2018 has in store for us.