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Scala essentials for essentially everything

Cheat sheet: The complete guide to Scala

Scala fans rejoice! Markus Hauck has created an exhaustive cheat sheet for Scala developers. This masterwork has everything. So dive right in, the water’s fine!

Brightest star in the sky

UX power in Eclipse Sirius 5.0

Based on a viewpoint approach, Eclipse Sirius is the easiest way to create your own modeling tool. In this article, Cédric Brun explains how Sirius 5.0.0 version brings a significant number of new features to create impressive graphical modeling tools for Eclipse.

Tiny footprints in the sand

Preact: The fast 3kB open source alternative to React

Preact, the open source alternative to React, promises a tiny footprint where your code is the biggest part of the application. This library boasts a lightweight framework and a speedy performance making it a tempting alternative to React.

The once and future Javaslang

Vavr: Turning Java upside down on the way to 1.0

Javaslang’s rebranding into Vavr has been the least of changes over in this functional Java 8+ library. The latest upgrade in the march towards 1.0 includes new changes, improved backwards compatibility, and interoperability with the Java ecosystem.

Total Eclipse IDE of my heart

Eclipse chasers: Top 5 Eclipse IDE posts

Hey Eclipse fans! In honor of the total solar eclipse taking place on August 21, we’re taking a look back at some of our top Eclipse IDE posts. So, put on your funky eclipse glasses and come watch with us!