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Embracing JUnit 5 with Eclipse

JUnit 5 is out the door as the next generation test framework! In this article, Noopur Gupta explains some useful tips and examples to help you work with it.

How to be accountable

10 micro metrics you should use in performance reports

Performance tests are an unavoidable task. But are you measuring the right things? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan goes over why the normal major metrics aren’t perfect and ten new measurements to keep in mind that might improve future performance reports.

Why transforming monoliths into a myriad of independent microservices is a good idea

Containers, microservices and the power of modern IT

Containers and microservices are powerful tools for solving many of the problems we face with modern tech. In this article, Dale Vecchio explains why you should seriously consider switching from a monolith to a microservice.

Top features you should know

What’s new in Angular 5?

Angular 5 has been released. The 5th edition of the JavaScript framework brings numerous innovations and optimizations. Karsten Sitterberg is taking a closer look at some of the new features and even giving you a sneak peek at what might be in Angular 6.

Containers for Eclipse

Eclipse microservices and service discovery

Discover service discovery, an essential part of microservice architecture becomes necessary when we start using containers and container orchestration mechanisms. In this article, Urban Malc and Matjaz B. Juric describe the most important scenarios for service discovery, as well as service discovery support in the KumuluzEE microservice framework.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Angular trivia?

We’re celebrating the release of Angular 5 with a return to our programming pub quiz series! Today, we’re testing your knowledge about Angular. Do you know everything there is to know about this framework?