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Write better code with SonarLint

SonarLint — Bug hunting season is open

What if your IDE could teach you why some coding is bad, show you best practices, and give you examples of fixes? In this post, Julien Henry explains how SonarLint —accessible from the Eclipse Marketplace— can help you code better.

I just have a lot of feelings, okay?

17 gifs that truly express my feels for Angular 4

Listen, we’ve all been there. Angular 2 was… tolerable. But everything changed when Angular 4 was released earlier this week. Let’s work our way through the emotional rollercoaster that was this software release.

As explained by Java Champion Josh Juneau

Looking at the brand new JSF 2.3: New features for an old favorite

JSF has been around forever but it’s still near and dear to our hearts. In this article, Josh Juneau explains some of the newest features of this old workhorse, including the new API enhancements, CDI alignment improvements, and even some timely updates.

Hard at work on the home front

Behind the scenes as a remote worker

Working from home is more than just staying in your pajamas and taking a few calls. Joseph Cruz explains the pros and cons of becoming a remote worker as a developer.

Customize Eclipse to your heart's content

Angular IDE for modern web in Eclipse

Looking for a unique balance between an Eclipse IDE and a modern web development experience? Then the Angular IDE plugin is ideal for you. In this article, Tim Webb explains why the Angular IDE plug-in is a great idea for you.

Were you expecting an exploding pen?

Coding tips and tricks from the Wikileaks CIA data dump

The internet is still reeling from Wikileaks’ latest data dump. We take a look to see what developers can learn from the CIA’s hacking tools. I’m not saying this will help you become Q, but it sure can’t hurt.