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Jane Elizabeth
Jane Elizabeth is an assistant editor for JAXenter.com

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A brighter DevOps future

The 4 roles of DevOps leadership

There’s no magic wand to make a company become better at DevOps. Leadership from management is necessary. In this article, Anton Weiss goes over the history of DevOps, what makes a good leader, and how managers can lead their teams towards a better and brighter DevOps future.

It lives!

MVC 1.0 is here to stay

When MVC 1.0 was dropped from Java EE 8, that should have been the end of it. But the community rallied and now MVC 1.0 lives on, with a little help from Java Champion Ivar Grimstad.

Something to keep in mind

3 things developers need to know about managing IoT data

IoT is the future. Are you ready? In this article, Pratik Dholakiya goes over some of the most important aspects of IoT for developers to remember while coding. (Spoilers: it’s security. Don’t forget about security.)

Standardization is not a bad word

It’s time open source focused on usability

Open source is slouching towards individualization as every new framework or open source architecture has its own particular API, layers, or even wire protocol. In this article, Yaron Haviv explains why the open source community needs to work towards collaboration and standardization for the good of us all.

The life and times of a framework

Angular: One framework

What is it that makes Angular, Angular? Is it the technical competence, the large ecosystem, or its raucous community? Today we’re going to do a deep dive into this fascinating framework as Wassim Chegham, Uri Shaked, and Christoffer Noring explain why it’s easy to be impressed by Angular.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Kotlin trivia?

Our pub quiz series continues with another look at a new programming language. This time, we’re testing your knowledge about Kotlin, the darling of Android that was recently promoted to a first-class language status. Do you know everything there is to know about this fresh-faced static language?