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Get you app off the ground ASAP

Remain resilient, fail fast

Keep your systems resilient to broken connections and unreliable networks. Unless it’s start-up time. Jan Stępień explains why we need to fail fast during the start up phase of any new software application.

Keeping things organized

How to organize your data on online servers

So you want to move your servers online. Good choice! But there’s a bit more planning and organizational choices than you might expect. Alex Briggs explains how you can make the best choices for your own company.

Any takers?

Who will use JDK 9?

What are your plans for moving to JDK 9? Are you already in production or are we all just “thinking” about it? Simon Ritter believes that there are a few key reasons why JDK 9 will have little adoption in production.

My project is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy…

GitHub may be a clone club, but Java code is the most original

GitHub is all about sharing code, so it makes sense that there’s a certain amount of code-copying on the site. However, recent research suggests that over 70% of the code on GitHub is just duplicates. While Java wins points for originality, all of the languages surveyed have a surprising amount of project plagiarism.

Open source 101

The advantages of open source tools

What is open source? How does open source benefit users? And how do we support open source initiatives? In this article, Kayla Matthews introduces the basics of open source as well as the importance and value of open source tools.

Framework free!

e4 on JavaFX

What is e4 and why is it different on JavaFX? In this article, Tom Schindl explains how you can develop applications and write 100% framework-free business components with e4 on JavaFX.