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Hartmut Schlosser
Content strategist, editor, storyteller - as online team lead at S&S Media, Hartmut is always on the lookout for the story behind the news. #java #eclipse #devops #machinelearning #seo Creative content campaigns that touch the reader make him smile. @hschlosser


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In search of simplicity

Can Scala bring back the Joy of Programming?

Much of the work of a Java developer today consists of monotonously cobbling together libraries, integrating frameworks, refactoring, testing and deploying existing code. Maybe the fun comes back in programming in a language which is said to be “purely academic”?

The Unbearable Lightness of Java

Jodd 3.2.7 released

Jodd is an open source Java utility library, which extends the JDK with various utilities like BeanUtils, Madvoc and Petite.