Erwin De Ley

Erwin De Ley
Professionally I am co-founder of iSencia Belgium, lead developer of Passerelle and a strong believer in modular software and asynchronous and event-based designs. I've been working in the domain of workflow systems and process engines for more than 15 years. In a previous life I've been an electro-optics researcher, investigating and modeling ferroelectric liquid crystal displays. Since that time the crossover between applied sciences and software engineering has remained my main area of interest.

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Eclipse Triquetrum — An open platform for scientific workflows

In this article, Erwin De Ley, co-founder of iSencia Belgium and lead developer of Passerelle, and Christopher Brooks, Ptolemy Software Janitor at the University of California, Berkeley, showcase an open platform for scientific workflows called Eclipse Triquetrum.