Dirk Weil

Dirk Weil
Since 1998, Dirk Weil has worked as a Java consultant. As a managing director at GEDOPLAN GmbH in Bielefeld, he is responsible for the design and implementation of information systems based on Java EE. Years of experience in the development of sophisticated business solutions have made him a competent partner and recognised expert on Java EE. He is the author of trade magazines, lectures, and delivers seminars and workshops based on his own Java curriculum.

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Comment: The Future of Java

On 27th January, the IT world sat down and watched Oracle’s five hour long webcast, hoping for the answers to questions we’d been debating for nine months. How would Oracle manage the obvious overlap in their own portfolio, and that of the newly-acquired Sun Microsystems? How would they propose to handle two popular Java Virtual Machines – Hotspot and JRockit? And what of their two application servers – GlassFish and WebLogic? In this article, Java EE expert Dirk Weil gives an in-depth analysis of Oracle’s statements and whether, in his opinion, Oracle was able to lay some of our questions to rest……..