Dipti Parmar

Dipti Parmar
Dipti Parmar is an experienced marketing and technology consultant, helping startups, ecommerce companies and B2B SaaS brands establish thought leadership in their industry, with innovative strategies and digital transformation initiatives through her agency 99stairs. Dipti is also a columnist for leading business and tech publications such as IDG's, Entrepreneur Mag, Adobe's, and Inc. When she's not drinking her team's blood (figuratively), she is busy telling vampire stories to little girls who like Disney princesses. She is @dipTparmar on Twitter.

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Deliver digital business capabilities

5 Challenges in Deploying Hybrid Cloud Environments

What are the challenges you need to be aware of if you’re looking to adopt a hybrid architecture for your computing needs? How can you ensure consistent gains in flexibility, mobility, and ease-of-use across applications and workloads in your SMB or enterprise? There are five important areas of consideration.

Fix-It IoT

4 obstacles to IoT adoption & how to fix them

Given the possibilities of IoT and the enthusiasm of its proponents, one would imagine people lining up to get their hands on the latest IoT devices. Unfortunately, that is not (yet!) the case. So what’s stopping people from adopting technology that promises to make life so much easier for everyone? Here are a few thoughts and solutions.

A necessary evil

5 mistakes Android developers must avoid

In addition to the five mistakes presented in this article, Android developers should also use a DevOps approach to overcome problems in communication and productivity. DevOps enhances collaboration between the IT, product and marketing teams, and helps you get faster and better results.