Derek Lee Boire

Derek Lee Boire
Derek is a Software Engineer at VMware Pivotal Labs. Derek's career as an IT professional and consultant has given him experience in every aspect of software development. From working with clients to understand and detail their requirements, prototyping solutions, designing technical architectures for large-scale systems, leading development teams of up to 10 people, to going hands-on and developing high-performance robust software solutions, Derek feels comfortable solving nearly any technical problem. At this point in his career he understands more than anything that IT skills alone won't make for a successful project. Open communication, being capable of bridging the functional-technical gap, providing mentorship to junior resources in a respectful manner, and carefully managing resources both below and above are all critical to a project's success.

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Avoiding brittle spaghetti code

Address decision fatigue – before it turns code into spaghetti

With this endless need to make decisions, and hours on end of coding, developers may find themselves leaning towards the option that presents the least amount of friction. Derek Lee Boire, Senior Member of Technical Staff at VMware Pivotal Labs, highlights how pair programming can combat decision fatigue.