Dennis Kelly

Dennis Kelly
Dennis Kelly is a senior cloud engineer at Kong. Previously, he was a senior DevOps engineer at Zillow Group, responsible for driving the company's multi-brand API management strategy. An innovator and adventurer, Dennis has been dubbed by peers as "The Diesel." He implemented the first-ever, resort-wide integration of the RTP-SKIDATA RFID lift access system at Stevens Pass Mountain Resort and has been featured in the NSAA Journal. He is a graduate of Michigan State University with degrees in Computer Science and Telecommunications, as well as a certified AWS Solutions Architect, who has spent the last 20 years trying to automate himself out of a job, albeit unsuccessfully.

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DevOps win-win

A DevOps Kong Diary

Kong is an API platform for multi-cloud and hybrid organizations, available as both FOSS and as an enterprise platform. Dennis Kelly, former senior DevOps engineer at Zillow Group, implemented Kong in the Trulia DevOps group. In this article, he recounts how they vetted Kong, what solutions it offered, and how it fundamentally changed their strategy.