Danila Petrova

Danila Petrova
Danila Petrova is a Marketing Assistant Manager at Dreamix, a custom software development company, focusing on strategy building and audience engagement. With a background in mathematics, informatics, she has extensive knowledge in web design, business communication and a deep understanding of the IT industry. She is involved in numerous graphic design projects and is passionate about the advancement of software development.

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Fight the midday slump with better meetings

8 tips to lead productive and to the point business meetings

Between Scrums and Sprints, there’s no avoiding meetings when you work in the IT department. What happens when leading the meeting is on your shoulders? Avoid the yawns and disinterested, confused stares with a better, more focused meeting. Get the most out of your business meetings with these eight tips and take your career to new heights.

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6 qualities of the best IT project manager

The IT project manager has a lot of responsibility. From task delegation to resource tracking, quality control, and communication, there’s not a spare moment in the day. In order to be a well-rounded leader, you should meet certain standards. These are the top 6 qualities that all IT project managers need to succeed and lead their team to success.