Cory Isaacson

Cory Isaacson
Cory Isaacson is CEO/CTO of CodeFutures Corporation, maker of dbShards, a leading database scalability suite providing a true “shared nothing” architecture for relational databases. Cory has authored numerous articles in a variety of publications including SOA Magazine, Database Trends and Applications, and recently authored the book Software Pipelines and SOA (Addison Wesley). Cory has more than twenty years experience with advanced software architectures, and has worked with many of the world’s brightest innovators in the field of high-performance computing. Cory can be reached at: [email protected]

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Data Modelling – 104

In the final chapter of Cory Isaacson’s data modelling series, he explains why it’s necessary to disrupt your beautifully normalized data model for web-scale performance.

Mo' data, mo' costs

Database indexing

What’s the key to creating a successful database? And what’s standing in your way from achieving it? Cory Isaacson lays it out for us.

Let’s be specific

What is Big Data anyway?

In the second part of his series, “Scaling for Big Data”, Cory Isaacson gets into the nuts and bolts of Big Data and attempts to pin down a concrete definition.

Dig in, data crunchers

Scaling for Big Data: An introduction

Database tech can make or break an app – but getting the fundamentals can be daunting. In this new series, Cory Isaacson breaks it all down in easily digestible chunks.