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Chris Stewart
Chris Stewart is an Online Editor for He studied French at Somerville College, Oxford before moving to Germany in 2011. He speaks too many languages, writes a blog, and dabbles in card tricks.


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Watch Emma Button's DevOps Conference session

Infrastructure as Code – Lessons learned from Dev to Ops

The craft of software application development has evolved over the past thirty years. Yet, in comparison, Infrastructure as Code development (IaC) is still in its infancy. This talk presents some of the most impactful learning journeys from Emma’s career as an application developer, and how to apply those lessons to accelerate the growth of Infrastructure as Code as a craft in its own right.

At long last

Java 13 – why text blocks are worth the wait

For a long time, Java developers had to take unattractive detours when formulating multi-line string literals, while enviously switching to Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and other languages. With JEP 355, text blocks are now being previewed in Java 13.

The real work starts now

Jakarta EE 8 – a new age of enterprise Java is upon us

What a week this has been for Java! Jakarta EE 8 and JavaFX 13 are already here, and Java 13 is waiting in the wings for its moment to shine! Now that the dust has settled a little bit and we got some sleep after the Jakarta One online conference, we’ve put together a little something about the release of Jakarta EE 8.

The eagle has landed

JavaFX 13 released – the new frontier for OpenJFX

What a week this has been! We got JavaFX 13 and Jakarta EE 8, and Java 13 is just around the corner, too! Now that the excitement has died down to a dull roar, we’ve put together a post detailing the key features and changes of the new OpenJFX release. Let’s take a look.

Jakarta EE 8 is headed for great things

Jakarta EE 8 Release @ Eclipse Foundation

To celebrate the long-awaited release of Jakarta EE 8, we’re featuring content from prominent names and faces in the world of Jakarta EE and enterprise Java. This article is written by Eclipse Foundation Jakarta EE Program Manager Tanja Obradovic.

With Chris Loy and Jenny Wem

Interview: A day in the life of a programmer

Co-founder and CTO of DataSine, Chris Loy, and Front End Engineer Jenny Wem both have plenty of programming experience. We found the time to ask them some questions about life as a programmer, the challenges they face, how things have changed, and what advice they have for programmers of the future.

R Language Trends in 2019 – what to look out for

R language enthusiast Jesse Casman collected information from speakers of the UseR! 2019 conference in France, taking the pulse of the R community and looking at what trends are the ones to look out for in the coming months, as well as insights into some really interesting and exciting projects. Let’s take a closer look.