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Chris Stewart is an Online Editor for He studied French at Somerville College, Oxford before moving to Germany in 2011. He speaks too many languages, writes a blog, and dabbles in card tricks.


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The right tool for the job

New Java group proposed for IDE & tooling support

Maurizio Cimadamore, Software Engineer at Oracle, has proposed the creation of a new Java group. Its purpose is to promote and improve the support of the OpenJDK in different tools and especially in integrated development environments (IDEs). And the proposal already has support from the highest authority…

Stay up to date with JDK 14 news

Java 14: Five more JEPs target JDK 14 & Project Amber update

Java 14, the third version since the last LTS release, is in development. Java 12 and Java 13 each came with a manageable number of new features; a system that will probably not change for Java 14. This is of course due to the new release cadence. What’s new is that five JEPs were upgraded from “proposed” to “targeted” for JDK 14, and we’ve seen some stirrings from Project Amber.

Just the algorithm, not the GCs themselves

JEP 366: Deprecate the ParallelScavenge + SerialOld GC Combination

We’ve seen a lot of talk about different garbage collectors lately; JEPs 364 and 365 want to port the Z Garbage Collector to macOS and Windows respectively, JEP 363 wants to remove the deprecated Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) garbage collector. And now we have JEP 366, which is proposed to target JDK 14 and wants to deprecate the combination of the Parallel Scavenge and Serial Old garbage collection algorithms. Let’s take a closer look.

Sweet 6.0

Gradle 6.0 brings Java 13 support, better dependency management & much more

It’s not even been a year since Gradle 5.1 arrived in January, and yet here we are staring down the next major release: Gradle 6.0. This latest release of the build-automation software brings much improved features for dependency management, faster incremental compilation for Java and Groovy, support for Java 13, as well as out of the box support for javadoc and source jars. And that’s not all, so let’s take a closer look!

Something something Windows garbage

JEP 365: ZGC on Windows

The Z Garbage Collector or ZGC is a scalable low latency garbage collector that’s included in the JDK. Until now, it has not been compatible with Windows, but JEP 365 wants to change that. Let’s take a closer look at the future of Java.

A glimpse into the future of Java

JEP 364: ZGC on macOS

The Z Garbage Collector or ZGC is a scalable low latency garbage collector that’s included in the JDK. Until now, it has not been compatible with macOS, but JEP 364 wants to change that. Let’s take a closer look.

Déjà preview

JEP 368: Text Blocks (Second Preview)

Remember text blocks? That’s right, they were a preview feature in the recently released Java 13! Now that some time has passed, the community has a feel for them and where there’s room for improvement. With JEP 368, Jim Laskey proposes a second text blocks preview, this time with two more escape sequences. Let’s take a closer look.

Taking out the trash

JEP 363: Remove the Concurrent Mark Sweep (CMS) Garbage Collector

A new Java enhancement proposal, JEP 363, has graduated from being a simple draft. It proposes to remove the Concurrent Mark Sweep garbage collector, which was deprecated two years ago to accelerate the development of other collectors. Let’s take a closer look at the future of Java.

It now goes up to 11

Google’s App Engine now supports Java 11

Google’s App Engine standard environment Java 11 is now generally available. A managed serverless solution for Java 11 development that offers twice as much memory than the earlier Java 8 runtime at no extra cost. Let’s take a closer look.

Fact versus fiction

The four myths of shift left testing

What is shift-left testing? It is one of the most commonly discussed trends in DevOps, and for a good reason. There are many important components of an effective continuous testing strategy and none are more critical than shifting left. In this article, Joanna Schloss dispels four myths about shift-left testing that you might have heard.

Last week's highlights

Weekly Review: The state of Java, a glimpse of Jakarta EE 9 & more

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we published a fascinating interview with Simon Ritter about the state of Java in 2019, caught a glimpse of Jakarta EE 9 and its potential release window, learned about two new pieces of open source software from Netflix, and much more. Let’s take a look.

The hand behind the curtain

The changing role of the enterprise architect – interview with Ravi Mayuram

Many see architects as a dying breed, reasoning that with infrastructure moving to the cloud, who needs them anymore? But even with cloud, infrastructure is complex and somebody is needed to sit between the goals of the CSuite and the demands of the developers, and ultimately to make the business’s digital dreams a reality. Architects are becoming more prominent – as the IT consultants of the business, helping everyone realize their ambitions.