Christian Kaltepoth

Christian Kaltepoth
Christian Kaltepoth works as Senior Developer at ingenit GmbH & Co. KG in Dortmund. His focus is the development of web-based business applications based on Java EE technologies. Furthermore he is active in several open source projects such as Apache DeltaSpike, Rewrite, PrettyFaces and Togglz. He is a member of the JSR 371 Expert Group and a regular speaker at conferences.

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The next stage starts with a big bang

A deep dive into the Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan

Christian Kaltepoth shares some of his insider knowledge from the Jakarta EE universe with a deep look at the Jakarta EE 9 Release Plan. He discusses what’s going on with the documentation, specifications and schedule, and offers some insights into why certain decisions have been made. This release plan is even more ambitious than the one proposed by Oracle, and paves the way for the future of enterprise Java.

Jakarta EE Insights

Jakarta EE 8: A critical examination of the first Java EE successor

On the 10th of September it finally happened: the day the community had been waiting for, finally arrived. The Eclipse Foundation has released Jakarta EE 8, the first official release of the Java EE successor, almost two years after the birth of the Eclipse EE4J Project. Christian Kaltepoth will keep up us up to date with his new column “EE Insights”, and will provide us with insider-knowledge of the Jakarta EE universe.