Brooke Campbell

Brooke Campbell
Brooke loves surfing through social media, so she made it a full-time job and works as a social media manager at Entrance Software Consulting. And loves all things Tech. When not working, she eats and sleeps, in that order.

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Frameworks, programming languages: Coding from scratch vs. using a framework

In the world of the coder, you can never expect things to remains static for too long. Technology already dictates so much of how we interact, create, learn, live, etc, and it’s constantly evolving. For programmers, that relationship is only magnified by their close proximity and dependency on the latest tech in order to accomplish their tasks. And one of the most profound shake-ups in their world has to do with frameworks, programming languages and the paradigm shift taking place between the two.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options

5 programming languages worth learning in 2017

Brooke Campbell has compiled a list of five programming languages that will help you accomplish your goals, no matter if you want to string together beautiful code for fun or land your dream job. Let’s have a look!