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Parker Harris on Chatter, Collaboration and VMForce co-founder Parker Harris explains how chatter and collaboration works in an interview with Enterprise Irregular blogger Michael Krigsman. Chatter connects people, data and processes, and works a bit like analytics to help information surface. Compared to traditional apps such as email, it helps enterprises collaborate better. Parker also explains how will leverage VMWare’s assets through VMForce.


Discussing Cloud with Appirio

Most cloud vendors promise to cut cost. But cloud-based solutions provider Appirio has gone a step ahead and guarantees to save at least $ 1 million a year when its customers migrate to cloud.

The offer comes with two caveats: Customers should be already spending over $ 5 million on IT infrastructure. They should switchover to public not private cloud.

Arun Mysore interviewed Ryan Nichols, Appiro’s vice president of cloudsourcing and cloud strategy, to find out more about the million dollar deal.