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Practical approach to BPM projects

Experts typically advise enterprises to take a stair-step approach to implement BPM.
A new white paper by BPM Guru Mark McGregor, A Pragmatic Approach to Leveraging BPM Technology for Business Success, has good details on how to get it right. It breaks down BPM projects into seven steps and provides good insight into each of them. It also has tips on how to bring in technology, and navigate organizational complexity.

Cloud Computing

Data centers grappling with cloud computing economics

While the demand for cloud computing-based hosting is on the rise, how profitable is it for data centers to provide it? There is interesting data to compare the cost and returns for three different hosting models: colocation, managed hosting and cloud computing. In sum, the jury is still out. But cloud computing is still some distance away before replacing other hosting models in data centers.

Business Intelligence

‘Ease of Use’ key to drive BI adoption

A new report states that “ease of use”, not necessarily advanced features, is key to achieving high user adoption of BI and analytics tools. Based on 255 survey responses, a new report says ease of use and interface appeal are important factors in making BI more pervasive, particularly beyond the power user base. “When BI is hard, more time is spent learning tools and on routine tasks than on using the data for insight and business improvement,” says the study author. “It’s particularly telling that easy-to-use BI tools are rated as more important than BI features and analytic power.”