Andrey Platov

Andrey Platov
Andrey Platov is founder and Vice President at Xored Software, Inc. Being founded in 2002 (it was Eclipse 2.0 time) Xored was completely focused on developing for Eclipse Platform and on top of various Eclipse technologies. Andrey is a project lead on the Eclipse DLTK Project, and for the past five years Eclipse became important part of his life. While working at Xored we delivered software based on most of Eclipse Technologies including Platform, EMF, GEF, GMF, JDT, Webtools, and BIRT. Prior to Xored Software Andrey worked for different software development companies, in fields of object oriented databases and distributed systems.

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Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit

Dynamic languages are getting more and more popular. New dynamic languages are emerging with a frequency never seen before. The aim of the Eclipse Dynamic Language Toolkit (DLTK) is to facilitate development of high standard IDEs for these languages. We talked to Andrey Platov, Project Lead for the Eclipse DLTK project, about the recent developments in the project.