Andreas Liebelt

Andreas Liebelt
Andreas Liebelt is OpenJFX-author and works as a scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology IWES at the institute part Energy System Technology in Kassel. He is in charge of the development of energy economy JavaFX applications. Contact: [email protected]

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Operating and Experimental use of JavaFX in the Energy Economy

A fresh breeze by Enterprise JavaFX

Currently consolidation appears in some parts of the energy system transformation in Germany, but even with the expansion and restructuring of the energy system there is still great progress to be determined . One innovation focus currently lies on the more efficient use of the well over a million wind, solar and biomass power plants that have already been built. For this purpose, fresh, new and innovative solutions are needed, and this in an industry that has to be based primarily on established and proven technologies. JavaFX can act as a bridge here. But is it actually possible to create innovative software products with JavaFX that provide the necessary reliability? A water-level and experience report from applied research.