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Alex Zhitnitsky
Alex works at OverOps – God mode in production code, helping Java and Scala developers solve bugs in production.


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Work it out!

5 Scala puzzlers that will hurt your brain

We’ve served up some Java conundrums in the past, but now its time to get your head around these Scala brainteasers. Alex Zhitnitsky is back in collaboration with the team from Scala Puzzlers to test and torment your Scala know-how. Prepare thyself!

Customising Slack

7 Slack integrations developers should use

Slack is fast becoming the default messaging service and developers can really benefit from the new workflows that Slack is enabling. Alex Zhitnitsky takes us through the integrations that allows users to customise the service to their own specific developer tools.

Puzzle time!

5 weird Java questions that’ll make your head spin

Like testing yourself? Alex Zhitnitsky has a great set of Java puzzles to baffle even the most die-hard Java coders. Explore the more unusual side of Java with this quiz, but be warned: They’re not meant to be used in real-life Java applications!

Results from the Java Deathmatch

4 out of 5 Java developers failed to solve this question

Takipi’s Java Deathmatch proved to be challenging and fun. Alex Zhitnitsky has collected the stats from over 20,000 participating developers and shares a selection of the results. One question in particular got the better of the majority of participants.

Based on 64,562 GitHub libraries!

The Top 100 Scala Libraries in 2015

First it was Java libraries, now Alex Zhitnitsky gets his paws into researching the top Scala libraries from 64,562 dependencies – quite the mammoth task! Read on to reap the rewards of this impressive Scala research.