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Alex Yelenevych
Co-founder and CMO at, an interactive educational platform where people can learn Java programming language from scratch to Java Junior level. Visit him on LinkedIn.


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Innovations and growing markets

Java 2022: Predictions and Assumptions

The need to work from home and the inability to freely move around the world has stimulated the development of data security, cloud computing, big data, tools for remote work. The Java language and platform are still in demand and evolving. In this article, Alex Yelenevych is going to talk about what will influence the development of Java in 2022 and what to expect for developers of this language.

Avoid these dozen mistakes

Every Java Junior does it: Common Java mistakes made by newcomers

Everyone makes mistakes, not just beginners, but even professionals. This article goes over a dozen common mistakes that Java newbies and newcomers make and how to avoid them. Have you or your colleagues made any of these common Java mistakes early in your career?

Java essentials

What Java Programmers Should Learn in 2021

If you are looking to learn Java, you may be wondering where to start. Which technologies should you focus on? Whether you are new to the language, a middle-level learner, or already using Java at work, this article explores the essentials that you need to know.

New features and what's next

Java is immortal and feels good: 2020 results and 2021 trends

Java in 2020 is overgrown with new features and was released twice right on schedule, despite the global turmoil. Java will remain one of the main platforms for developing enterprise applications (that is, corporate applications used by large companies to make money.