Apache Accuse Oracle of “violating their contractual obligation.”

ASF Threaten To Leave JCP

Jessica Thornsby

ASF accuse Oracle of breaking the JCP’s rules, and threaten to leave.

The Apache Foundation have released a statement regarding their recent re-election to the JCP but, more interestingly, they outline their plan for the JSR votes in no uncertain terms, throwing down the gauntlet to the entire JCP.

The statement opens with a thank you to the community and a reassurance that “this election allows the ASF to continue its 10 year effort to help bring transparency and openness to the JCP as well as ensure that Java specifications are able to be independently implemented and distributed under open source licenses.”

However, then it all gets a bit nastier, as the ASF state in no unclear terms that they are entitled to a TCK license for Java SE, and Oracle are “violating their contractual obligation as set forth under the rules of the JCP by only offering a TCK license that imposes additional terms and conditions that are not compatible with open source or Free software licenses.” The Apache Software Foundation believe that, since Oracle are refusing to follow the JCP’s rules, they should not be allowed to participate as a member “in good standing.” Rather ominously the ASF say that, in light of this, they have “exercised our votes on JSRs — our only real power on the JCP – accordingly” and voted against Sun starting and continuing JSRs. They will vote against the JSR for Java SE 7, and call for the other JCP members to do the same: “we encourage the other members of the JCP EC to continue with their support of our position regarding Oracle, and vote accordingly on the upcoming Java SE 7 vote.”

And, if the ASF doesn’t get its wish? The ASF will leave the JCP, out of the belief that if the JCP does not uphold its rights, then the JSPA agreements and the JCP specifications are worthless.
This turn of events has already been discussed in the community. Apache contributor Jon Stevens posted an article calling for the ASF to leave the JCP. “The ASF tried for many years to take a hard stance about what they believed in and failed. It is time to realize that and give up. It is hypocritical for the ASF to support a language and set of corporations which doesn’t want or need its involvement anymore,” he said.

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