ASAP Methodology For Implementations 7.0

Jessica Thornsby

SAP have released their ASAP Methodology For Implementations, which aims to harmonise the way users project manage SAP implementations. It is a combination of ASAP methodology, Business Intelligence Solution Accelerator (BISA) methodology, Value Delivery principles, Business Process Management methodology, and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) methodology.

It currently consists of the ASAP Roadmap 7.0, which covers the project life-cycle, from evaluation procedures through to product delivery, and post-project solution management and operations. SAP have focused on delivering a lean and transparent implementation of their ASAP Roadmap 7.0. It also aims to provide guidance for SOA, Business Process Management (BPM) and traditional implementations of projects.

Version 7.0 expands the traditional implementation to BPM / SOA space; aligns Integrated Solution Management with SAP practice for solution testing and features a completely updated Training section. The Roadmap has been streamlined from 1300 nodes to around 400, and now represents the project deliverables in work breakdown structure.

SAP are planning to deliver ASAP Business add-ons later in the year. These add-ons will extend ASAP Roadmap with modular business implementation content, including Agile Methodology, BPM, SOA, and EA Governance and Strategy frameworks.

The ASAP Roadmap can be accessed via SAP Solution Manager, SAP Service Marketplace, and SDN/BPX Community.

See the ASAP Roadmap announcement and explanatory blog.

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