Delivery, made affordable

Ways to cut down app development costs by half

Mobile app development can cost a pretty penny, after all is said and done. Do you have to sacrifice quality to save money? Follow these five tips to help cut down app development costs, while still delivering a quality product in the end. With these tips, you will learn how to become agile and how consistent testing can save you time and money.

Interview with Francisco Rivas

Programming Alexa Skills with Python – how does it work?

Have you already created an Alexa Skill? Are you interested? Francisco Rivas is a voice expert at Navteca and will give a talk at VoiceCon 2019 about how Alexa Skills can be developed with Python. We caught up with him for an interview to talk about Alexa, Python and the voice revolution we’re facing right now.

Take our poll! Do you prefer remote work?

Study reveals remote workers are happier and make more money

Why do so many people love working remotely? (Besides avoiding bumper-to-bumper traffic.) According to a recent study by OWLLabs, remote workers in the United States earn more money and are overall happier with their job when compared to on-site workers. Take our poll: Do you prefer working remotely or working on-site? Let us know what you think!

Biggest draws of Kotlin

8 key Kotlin features that give it an edge over Java

Looking to replace Java with another language? The hype for Kotlin is on a steady incline, due to many of its features tackling Java shortcomings. In this article, you will find out about some of the key Kotlin features that may have you switching your main programming language. For instance, how is the power of Kotlin’s immutability harnessed?

Organizing big data

Top 5 reasons to go for a data lake architecture

Data lakes are just one way to organize and structure big data, and is one of the most relaxed in terms of data preparation and organization. As we are on the brink of a paradigm change fueled by the explosion of available information, here are the top reasons to look at data lakes as a data management option. Let’s take a look.

Profile: Anna-Maria Schaum, Head of Business Intelligence & Controlling at MyHammer

Women in Tech: “We need pervasive role models to show that we’re not the exception”

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Two years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Anna-Maria Schaum, Head of Business Intelligence & Controlling at MyHammer.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Usher in autumn with our favorite September 2019 GitHub repos

Another month has passed us by, and you know what that means. Time to reflect upon our favorite GitHub repos for the month! In September, we checked out some cool projects, including a modern shell written in Rust, an award-winning JavaScript tool for working in immutable state, and a font that might just make coding a little easier on the eyes.

Best practices & tips

Best software development & testing practices

Software development and testing practices are essential. Good software development practices come with many positive effects, including boosted productivity, client satisfaction, and faster delivery. In this article, you will learn some of the best software development and testing practices to take, and what it can bring to you and your teams.

Where do you start?

Building analytics? Time to start thinking like a product manager

When it comes to solving a problem in product development, taking stock of the situation at hand is one of the first steps you should take. In this article, Matthew Halliday gives some advice on how to think like a product manager. Get a few steps closer to a thoughtful analytics design with these informative tips.

The three pillars of observability, explained

Demystifying observability

Let’s clear the mists from observability. Observability is finding out why something is broken, determining the impact of that break, and assessing if the changes we think will fix the problem actually will and do fix that problem. In this article, Cory Watson discusses the three pillars of observability, where to start, and what it can do to change not only your IT incidents but also your work culture.

Joining hands with software development

The DevOps to AIOps journey and its future

The demand for DevOps continues to grow. As IT infrastructures become more complex, the resources to efficiently manage them grow increasingly important. What’s the next stop on its journey? The next evolution for addressing IT challenges is AIOps—the application of machine learning (ML) and data science to solve IT operational problems.

How to boost your odds of success

Software testing strategies to boost business growth

In this article, Yana Andyol explores some software testing strategies that can add value to business success. Get tips such as how to establish long-term cooperation, create well-thought test cases, and how to find a happy medium between manual and automated QA. Implement these strategies early on and you’ll likely see positive results.

Leading the path with blockchain

Can blockchain transform the banking industry?

The digital banking sector currently faces several problems, including non-financial institution threads. In this article, read about how blockchain could potentially be a solution for financial services and digital banking. Blockchain can help with solutions such as an improvised identity system (KYC), and by reducing the change of fraudulent transactions.