Modernizing your network

Achieving Network Automation through Infrastructure as Code

To keep up in this age of modernization, network teams need to embrace automation, or be left behind. By treating infrastructure like software, the Infrastructure as Code approach provides several benefits. Read about what goals IaC can help you achieve and what to consider when building a strategy for modernizing your network.

Bringing AI to video and images

Using AI for managing images and videos at scale

AI is finding a wide variety of uses for images and video, including auto-cropping and resizing, automating image tagging, and creating video auto-previews. This article examines five examples of how AI is used to enable image and video management at scale at Cloudinary.

Best security practices

How To Securely Program in Java in 2020

In this article, we’ll take a look at five principles that should be followed when coding in Java in 2020. Ideally, these principles should be integrated into a DevSecOps process, in which security is built into development from the ground up, but they are equally useful for auditing legacy code.

Our favorite GitHub repos

The trendy five: Best open source picks from GitHub in February 2020

It’s that time of the month again, time to browse the GitHub trending page and pick the best, coolest, or most impressive open source projects for the month. In February 2020 we saw a magical TensorFlow.js experiment, an open source note-taking application, a product analysis tool for developers, and more. See what our favorites of the month were.

Open source for better freedom and flexibility

How open source is transforming retail

Studies have shown that companies are turning to open source software more and more. By embracing an open source code, companies can be more agile and implement improved services and tools in response to the individual needs of their customers. See how open source code is changing retail and adapting in the fast-changing world of e-commerce.

At home, every day is casual Friday

The impact of working from home on developers

Working remotely is becoming an option for more people than ever, especially for developers. No office space, no daily commute, no set schedule. However, will you be able to connect with your co-workers and do you have the necessary self-discipline? This article goes over some of the pros and cons of working from home, as well as some personality types that excel at the job.

Simplifying cloud native development

Scaling Relational Spring Microservices Without Load Balancers

In this blog, we are going to review how cloud native application development can be simplified by moving from traditional RDBMS scaling techniques (such as vertical scaling using load balancers) to more modern distributed SQL databases such as YugabyteDB which allow horizontal scaling with cluster-aware JDBC drivers.

Disaster planning

Cloud success means more than just having faith

How justified is our faith in the cloud? While it has its advantages when everything goes well, according to Gartner, throughout 2023, 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault. In order to protect the organization, and themselves, cloud advocates need to take steps to ensure they are prepared for what could happen.

SDL + SDLC = Secure SDLC

Proactive security engineering

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (Secure SDLC) is a key focus area for product engineering organizations. Adopting security as a part of the development process to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and threats, leads to reduced security incidents and damages. This article presents an uncomplicated view of Secure SDLC for practitioners – Engineering leaders, Product Managers, and Process Leads.

Keeping up with the high scores

Next generation of games: the importance of data for instant experiences

The gaming industry is booming and by 2025 it is expected to be worth $300 billion. Companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in the digital world must therefore create unique and dynamic experiences based on best-in-class platforms in order to drive both customer acquisition and continued retention to power the next generation of games.

Security starts early

The view of quantum threats – from the front lines

Quantum computing might initially sound like a far-fetched futuristic idea, but companies such as Amazon, Google, and IBM are putting their weight behind it and preparations have begun. With quantum computing potentially within our reach, what will happen to our current security models and modern-day encryption? See what security experts are doing to prepare for quantum threats.