Interview series with DevOps influencers — Part 2

DevOps without automation is like peanut butter without jelly

How important is automation in a DevOps context and what are the areas where automation is really needed? That’s an easy one! In the second part of our interview series, nine DevOps influencers weigh in on the DevOps-automation link and talk about the importance of testing.

PWA jumpstart

A practical explanation of Progressive Web Apps

The ongoing debate over what appliance form is best suited for which app carries on. Should an app be a desktop application or would it work better if it were a web application? And developing for the mobile sector just adds complexity and heats up the debate. However, there is one type of application that everyone agrees on: Progressive Web Apps.

Gotta pay attention to the terminal

Command line tools for developers

Command line tools are surprisingly more relevant for developers than you’d expect. In this article, Piotr Gaczkowski goes over why we still use command line interface tools and how they work. Also, he discusses some of the essential CLI tools you need to know as well as some that are just for fun.

Open source is not a one-way road

A way forward with open source and Blockchain

Blockchain brings the promise of transparency and security to transactions of any kind. In this article, Marta Piekarska explains how this transformative technology can change secured communications while relying on open source principles.

Mock the unmockable

Testing PHP code more efficiently

Quality code is highly valued in the PHP community. You’ll rarely find untested libraries on GitHub. Two problems that developers encounter again and again during testing are the handling of file operations, as well as testing built-in PHP functions such as time() or exec() on certain expectations. In this article, Tommy Mühle explains a few solutions for such cases.

The impact of IoT on mobile app development [Infographic]

IoT is requiring software developers to gain a thorough understanding of not just their apps, but also the technology of things with which apps are connecting. This infographic explores how mobile app development is likely to be influenced by IoT.