Microservices, DevOps, serverless: All the "juicy" keywords

Transformational cloud technology developments you can’t ignore

The rapid evolution of cloud development technologies is enabling enterprises to deploy services more reliably, scale them, and change them more rapidly. At the same time, failure to keep up with this evolution can rapidly lead to ending up with a brittle cloud implementation. In this article, John Mathon talks about the transformational cloud technology developments enterprises cannot afford to ignore.

We want you… to maintain your documentation properly.

The dos and don’ts of keeping a changelog

Is your documentation up to date? If you’ve been putting off updating your changelog, you’re not alone. A new initiative from Keep a Changelog encourages developers to be kind and stop dumping git logs into changelogs.

The initial Loom prototype is now publicly available

Project Loom: A trend to watch in the JVM ecosystem

Project Loom was introduced last year and now the initial prototype is publicly available. The goal of this project is to add a new concurrency tool to the Java toolkit: fibers. Let’s have a closer look at this project.

Crossing the divide from theory to reality

Studio.ML bridges the gap between data scientists & DevOps engineers

There are a number of issues that arise when data scientists and ML researchers meet DevOps to try to deploy, audit, and maintain state-of-the-art AI models in a production and commercial environment. Peter Zhokhov and Arshak Navruzyan discuss a new open source software tool called Studio.ML, which offers a number of solutions to this problem.

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Theia trivia?

Our programming quiz series continues! This week, we’re celebrating Theia, the cloud and desktop IDE for TypeScript as Akos Kitta tests your knowledge about this development platform.

Go build wasm apps!

Using Go for WebAssembly applications

Go 1.11 is almost here and finally, Go supports WebAssembly. Are you ready for it? In this article, Sebastian Holstein explains how developers can use Go as a language for WASM applications.

First things first: What is geo-blocking?

How to avoid GDPR geo-blocking

In the case of the GDPR, many of the websites that have decided to utilize geo-blocking are doing so out of an abundance of caution, not because of specific transgressions. But why have we not seen actions like these taken before? The answer to that is simple: the stakes are much higher now.

Machine learning for you and me

Fitting models with AWS AI

Amazon has been using predictive models for decades. Now, they want to put machine learning in the hands of every developer with their AWS AI division. In this article, Cyrus Vahid, an AI specialist from AWS, explains some basic models for deep learning and goes over how Amazon has a service for every use case.

Biz + Devs + Ops = Success!

DevOps becomes BizDevOps: 4 steps to add more value to your work

DevOps’ full potential can only be achieved if development and operations work together with the specialist departments and management on a value adding product. Instead of DevOps, it should be called BizDevOps. Sebastian Schulze and Jacob Tiedemann explain how the integration of business and DevOps changes the cooperation, organization, and processes of companies.

Now hiring

Why you should consider applying for blockchain jobs

Blockchain came to the world’s attention as a way to solve many problems. Yet, one of the more unsung impacts is the one it has had on employment opportunities. In this article, Alex Moskov explains why the blockchain boom has created jobs for developers, marketers, bankers, and more.