Simplicity at its best

Minimalist git explorer keeps it simple and effective

Today we are searching through repos with a magnifying glass. These two tiny tools (gitin and tldr++) prove that size isn’t everything. Gitin is a minimalist tool for exploring git repos straight from the command line. Does it get any simpler than that?

The latest features

JUnit 5.4.0 release enhances the next generation Java testing framework

JUnit 5 released with much fanfare, and the updates just keep on coming. Now, the latest version 5.4.0 adds some new features, bug fixes, and breaking changes. Come see what’s been added and improved upon. New to JUnit 5? There’s no better time than now to upgrade and start with this popular unit testing framework.

Doing DevOps right

DevOps for your SME? Four steps to a successful initiative

Doing DevOps right comes down to how it is defined for your particular business. Just keep in mind that DevOps is both a cultural and functional shift that must be undertaken carefully. In this article, Oded Moshe, VP Products at SysAid, identifies four steps that will help you reap the rewards this concept represents.

Useful for AWS and Kubernetes

New Python wrapper for cloud automation by Adobe

Adobe has newly opened Ops-cli: a Python wrapper for Terraform, Ansible, and SSH for cloud automation. Keep up with the fast face of cloud computing and add this automation tool to your belt. Ops-cli can be used with AWS and Kubernetes deployments.

The survey also shows that Clojure devs are more experienced

Clojure devs are all about Java 8 and functional programming

What’s the state of the Clojure ecosystem in 2019? According to Clojure’s annual survey, Clojure devs are still in love with Java 8 and use it for web development and open source. We take a closer look at the 2019 results to see what’s really going on in this functional programming language.

Profile: Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Executive Director of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity at the University of Washington

Diversity talk: “If you are passionate about what you are doing, distracting nonsense fades into the background”

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Two years ago, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Barbara Endicott-Popovsky, Executive Director of the Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity at the University of Washington.

Starting off 2019 on the right foot

The trendy five: Warming up in wintry weather with GitHub in January 2019

So far 2019 is off to a good start, especially for fans of open source software! Just like we do every month, we’ve gone through GitHub’s trending list to find some of the best and most noteworthy projects to showcase for January 2019. So come on in from the cold, bundle up, and see what we found.