Taking a people-first approach

The key to human-led digital transformation

In this article, Donovan Justice, CEO & Co-Founder at Digital Detox, defines the core tenets of human-led digital transformation, namely starting small, building trust, and focusing on business goals rather than the tech.

Enhance your design workflow

7 Useful AI-Powered Tools for UX and Graphic Designers

AI tools are used across all design disciplines. To help you create faster and more efficiently, we listed a few AI-powered tools that allow you to do everything from turning a photo into a painting and creating wireframes to designing logos and marketing materials.

A look at one of the world's most popular programming languages

The State of PHP – an insight into trends, challenges, and use

This article by Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Product Manager and Principal Engineer for Zend by Perforce Software, takes a look at the results from a recent survey about the PHP programming language. 865 PHP professionals from around the world were surveyed about language trends, challenges, usage, and the future.

How much is it costing you?

Four Ways Bad Data Quality Can Wreck Your Business

In this article, Rex Ahlstrom, CTO and EVP of Growth & Innovation at Syniti, will examine the four primary ways that poor data quality negatively affects business. If you don’t know where your bad data is, how can you fix it? And how can you know how much it’s costing you?

Released with Jakarta EE 10

New Features in Jakarta JSON Processing and JSON Binding

This article recaps some of the significant new features and changes found in JSON Binding 3.0 and JSON Processing 2.1, the specification versions that will release with Jakarta EE 10. These include multiple clarifications and enhancements.

Security tactics

The DevSecOps Approach to Kubernetes

There are a variety of security best practices specific to Kubernetes ─ and containers in general ─ that can help secure the clusters and workloads. They all should be incorporated. This article explores DevSecOps and its approach to handling the Kubernetes infrastructure in a secure manner.

The tech questions that we may just answer this year

From AI hype curves to NFT bubbles


In this article Mike Loukides, Vice President of Emerging Tech at O’Reilly, discusses some of the currently most hyped, hotly debated, and discussed technologies. Do they have any real-world potential, or are they just full of hot air and hyperbole? Let’s have a look at some of the rising topics.

The importance of soft skills

6 Key Soft Skills for Developers to Move up the Career Ladder

Soft skills are generally the personality traits and behavior of an individual. It complements the hard skills and helps individuals in delivering a great performance in their job roles. According to research by Skill Survey, 77% of employers say that soft skills are as important as hard skills for any job role.