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Music while coding? Science says pump up the jams

Need some help entering the zone? Listening to music while programming is scientifically proven to help out productivity and raise happiness. What are programmers listening to while they work, and what do you tune into?

Why every developer should use a time tracking tool

While some argue that software development isn’t the kind of work that benefits from time tracking, others swear by it, saying it is an invaluable tool for increasing productivity and ROI. Here are a few reasons why you should get on the time-tracking bandwagon today.

The importance of planning ahead

Avoiding cloud lock-in must be about more than orchestration

Containers can provide an easier way to deploy software by stripping out extraneous material and reducing image sizes to solely what is required. At the same time, microservices break down applications into smaller components that fulfill specific roles within the application. This combination of containers and microservices can accelerate scalability to maximum!

Making sure your team is productive

How to manage a remote tech team: Tips & tricks

Working remotely is more than just staying in your pajamas and taking a few calls; it reduces stress, lowers absenteeism and helps employees have a higher morale. At the same time, hiring talent remotely allows for reducing costs, getting more experienced software developers, thus leading to faster and better product development.

How data science can answer cybersecurity challenges

Did you know that data science can be applied to the cybersecurity field to help protect against attacks and identify suspicious behavior? In this article, Peggy Morgan talks about the benefits of using data science to improve techniques and create better programs against cyber threats.

Interview series — Part 3

Blockchain glossary: Lesson No.3 – Building a blockchain doesn’t have to be complicated

Can blockchain transform the world? Before we can answer this question, we need to understand what this technology can and can’t do, what it is and what it isn’t. Therefore, we have to go back to basics and explore the fundamentals in order to eliminate all misconceptions about blockchain. This series is meant to clear the air by answering the most fundamental questions.