How to highlight the metrics we need

More containers means we need better system visibility

Containers are the foundation for much of modern computing, but they also obscure where problems initially develop. In this article, Mark Herring explains why capturing important metrics becomes difficult in a container-based infrastructure, why managing metrics storage needs to be done properly, and how new data platforms fulfill the needs of the modern web.

Top 10 growing IT career skills: Indeed report weighs in

What are the best skills to learn when looking for a career in tech? Indeed published a report that will help you narrow in your focus on what to study, what to aim for, and what to ignore. Find out the top ten in-demand skills in tech and you’ll already be one step ahead!

Privacy by Design

Developers must consider privacy for the entire product lifecycle

The intent of Privacy by Design (PbD) is to urge organizations to make privacy an ingrained part of their products, rather than an add-on after rollout. By maintaining a thoughtful checklist and adhering to PbD principles, organizations can effectively meet today’s new wave of privacy and data protection standards and limit organizational risk.

A new tech ecosystem

The need for advanced systems engineers

Our expectation of latency for the delivery of content has dropped from hours or minutes to seconds. We, as customers, also don’t care about the infrastructure or the complexity of the systems required to deliver this: we just want to binge watch the new season of Making a Murderer. Each iteration of this evolution has required the technology, systems, and skills we need to build and manage that technology to change. So, what do we need to know now that we didn’t before?

Beneath the clouds

Beyond Cloud: Public Cloud, yes or no?

“Public Cloud: yes or no?” – a question radically outpaced by the train of technology. More and more companies are looking into the advantages and disadvantages of a public cloud infrastructure. There is no doubt that the public cloud has its advantages. Its elasticity, high vertical integration, and global distribution are ideal for certain applications. However, very few applications really need this, and it’s worth taking a closer look.

Profile: Pamela Prosperi, team lead for emulators and simulators at Sauce Labs

How to succeed in tech: Sauce Labs’ Pamela Prosperi gives her tips

Women are underrepresented in the tech sector —myth or reality? Last year, we launched a diversity series aimed at bringing the most inspirational and powerful women in the tech scene to your attention. Today, we’d like you to meet Pamela Prosperi, team lead for emulators and simulators at Sauce Labs.

How small can you Go?

Golang made teeny-tiny: Go compiler for microcontrollers


Can you use Go on a microcontroller or small system? Don’t answer before you see what TinyGo can do. It’s unconventional, it’s small, it pushes the boundaries of Golang. See what this project is and how you can help it reach its future goals.