Maintaining standards

Open standards can make or break a Kubernetes implementation

Adopting open standards for Kubernetes is relatively easy to do. Maintaining these standards, however, requires your team to be active and vigilant. To implement open standards correctly, DevOps teams need to appraise the existing standards, understand how they can lapse within an organisation, and appreciate the importance of working with the open source community to create and maintain the standards.

Cleaning up the IT toolkit

How to Approach IT Operations Management Tools Consolidation

Your organization is likely wasting money and time maintaining and integrating legacy and/or disconnected tools that aren’t worth the effort. As well, tools overload contributes needlessly to data noise rather than focusing on the data sets which are most critical to maintaining healthy service levels for the business.

Are your Java runtimes as secure as they should be?

Keeping Your Java Applications Secure

Java security is an important topic for all businesses that use Java applications. Java Champion Simon Ritter takes a deep dive into the JDK and the potential shortcomings of not keeping your applications up to date, as well as why it’s essential to know the difference between critical patch updates (CPUs) and patch set updates (PSUs).

Measuring success

Three ‘success’ metrics for software development

Being agile and working towards a collective goal will enable companies to achieve, and measure, true success. How do you measure success? What metrics should you look at? This article looks at three qualitative ways in which companies can look to define their success metrics.

Training our minds

Common developer frustrations and how to overcome them

Just as we can train our bodies to endure additional stress, we can also train our minds to increase our focus. Here we look at some of the ways in which decision fatigue and other frustrations that can manifest in software development, and the tools and methods that can be employed to combat them.