The rules and regulations for collaborative Eclipse development

Collaborative specification development for the Eclipse Foundation

Collaboration is key for an open source project’s success. In this article, Wayne Beaton of the Eclipse Foundation explains four basic ground rules that help developers collaborate productively. After all, developing isn’t just coding, it’s working together to create something great.

career tips

How changing your job can create an emotional high

According to a study conducted by the German Institute for Employment Research IAB (Institut für Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung), every year around 3.4 percent of employees in Germany change their job. The slim majority of 52 percent do this voluntarily, but the other half (48 percent) are forced to change their position due to (prospectively) losing their jobs.

Why some developers haven't taken the plunge

Adopting Jakarta EE

Jakarta EE’s official launch is here! Have you made the switch? In this article, Edwin Derks explores three of the most common reasons why some developers haven’t moved on over and explains why Jakarta EE is worth the effort.

Go 2018 survey results

Golang grows in the enterprise: Half of users program with Go daily


The Go 2018 survey results are out and provide a look at the language’s ecosystem and community profile. Professional developers are using Go more and more for their projects and moving away from on-premises deployments towards containers and serverless cloud deployments.

Spring has sprung

The trendy five: Springing into GitHub’s trending repos of March 2019

The clocks have sprung ahead and the ground is finally defrosting. If you’re lucky, you might even have already taken your laptop outside for a day of coding in the sunshine! Today we look at some of the coolest GitHub repos that trended in March 2018 including a native Java framework, an open source self-hosted web archive, and a faster alternative to Elasticsearch.

Large-scale data analytics made easy

Ditch the old way and create better analytics in JavaScript with Cube.js

When building tools for your business or analytics for customers, do you face problems with infrastructure maintenance? Cube.js makes it so that customizable JavaScript powered analytics are just a few lines of code away. Now, more than ever, there are plenty of helpful tutorials to get you up and running with better visualization.

Picking the *right* cloud is what’s important

How cloud-based testing can improve DevOps cycles

As organizations begin to fully embrace the “DevOps way,” the cloud enables everyone involved to work on the same code – writing, testing, conducting quality assurance, deploying and updating – at the same time, regardless of physical location. In this article, Eran Kinsbruner, Chief Evangelist at Perfecto discusses the advantages of cloud-based testing solutions and the challenges teams should prepare for when testing in the cloud.

Overtaking JavaScript's number one position

Python crowned as most questioned language on StackOverflow

We love StackOverflow, even if sometimes our questions are left unanswered. A recent study showed that Python is now the most questioned about language on StackOverflow. Previous the crown belonged to JavaScript. What are developers getting stuck on and turning to the Internet for answers?