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Alternative tips to live your best life while working from home during a pandemic

You might have found yourself working from home for the first time ever with no idea of when, or even if, life will return to normal. But the honeymoon is over. Your flatmate(s), family, pet(s) – basically everyone and everything around you – are starting to get on your nerves and you still have a deadline to meet. You feel anxious because everywhere you turn you see mounting coronavirus numbers and hot takes about what to do. Thankfully, here at JAXenter, we’ve come up with some pro tips to help you live your best life in the face of all these challenges.

Providing equal access

All you need to know about web accessibility and UX


Web designers and developers should aim for accessibility because, at the end of the day, accessible design equates to good UX design. Follow these guidelines and web accessibility standards to ensure that everyone has equal access to the web.

ML at the heart of business

3 global manufacturing brands at the forefront of AI and ML

How can machine learning and artificial intelligence change the landscape of manufacturing? According to reports by Deloitte and McKinsey, machine learning improves product quality and has the potential to double cash flow. Let’s take a look at three global manufacturers who are already on board.

Test early, test often

Top tips for transitioning to continuous testing

Continuous Testing needs to be embraced from the beginning to get the most out of it. Testing needs to happen sooner and the quicker feedback can be received and analyzed, issues can be fixed. This will lead to higher quality and lower costs. This article dives into some tips that will help your organization start the process of implementing a Continuous Testing strategy.

The new features of JDK 14 in a nutshell

Java – the fourteenth

„Languages must evolve, or they risk becoming irrelevant,“ Brian Goetz (Oracle) said in November 2019 during his presentation „Java Language Futures“ at Devoxx in Belgium. As Java Language Architect, he plays a major role in the fact that Java, despite its 25 years, is still far from being outdated. In this article, we’ll take a look at the innovations of JDK 14.

Beyond buzzwords

Demystifying blockchain penetration testing

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the way we work and live. With its unmatched potential, it has given us complete control over our financial transactions, healthcare and numerous other activities which earlier required more privacy and transparency. This article will help you understand blockchain penetration testing beyond the buzzwords.

Celebrating Java 14

Pattern Matching for instanceof in Java 14

To celebrate the release of Java 14, here’s a deep dive into Pattern Matching for instanceof in JDK 14. It’s written by Developer Advocate at JetBrains, founder of and Java Champion, Mala Gupta. What a treat!

Take one down and pass it around

99 bottles of beer on the wall – A St. Patrick’s special

Today is St. Patrick’s day, but there’s a pandemic overshadowing it. Since this is meant to be a fun day and a lot of us are stuck somewhere between social distancing and national lockdown, here’s a St. Patrick’s special! After all, we can still enjoy a nice, cold bottle of beer, can’t we?

A bright future for Java—with Quarkus

Java at 20: Ready for life in the cloud

In the last decade, the enterprise IT landscape has moved from large, monolithic applications towards lighter and more modular application architectures. Java EE was an enabler of the old way of creating enterprise apps, so it too needed to change with the times. Reinvention—including the advent of Quarkus—suggests a bright future ahead for enterprise Java.

Investigative intelligence

Using Siren to increase personal productivity and enable quick insights

Jeferson Zanim, Head of Client Services, at Siren, gives you a tour of the Siren platform. See how it can increase personal productivity by merging big data dashboards, links analysis, search engines, and operational monitoring. It extends data analysis with unique associative and multimodal analytic capabilities, finding relationships between data sets that were simply not visible before.

Et tu, VS Code?

Top 6 IDEs of March

“What is the best IDE for Java/Python/JS/C++” is a question bound to receive multiple, conflicting opinions and if you’re lucky, it can even start a few arguments. We took a look at 6 (and one bonus round) of our favorite IDEs. Some of them receive frequent updates, some fulfill a niche use case, and some have stood the test of time.

The new modern office

Don’t lose sight of coworking. It’s part of the future of CRE.

Coworking is actually a central component of where we’re all heading with office space solutions, having shaken up the industry for the better. That’s because coworking, at its core, works. Workforces have been reshaped to give employees more of a voice, and now workplaces are following suit accordingly.