A method to the madness

The benefits of chaos engineering-as-a-service

There’s no better way to test something than to break it. In this article Matthew Fornaciari, co-founder and CTO of Gremlin, discusses chaos engineering and how it can help your systems become better. Let loose the gremlin, it’s time to get testing.

It's all about connectivity and scalability

Introducing Eclipse Mita – A language for embedded IoT

When you build IoT solutions there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind. Here, Christian Weichel talks about Eclipse Mita, the new project in the Eclipse IoT family which aims to remove the entry barrier to embedded IoT development.

Pick the right Scala library for your project

A quick tour of build tools in Scala

In such a vast and rich ecosystem such as Scala’s, it is often difficult to decide what is the best library or build tool choice for a certain project. Here, Manuel Bernhardt gives a quick tour of build tools in Scala in order to help you pick the right tool for your project.