Speed, reliability and increased data processing potential

Data processing – thinking in hardware and software

Torrents of data, high throughput and no downtime – it’s understandable that younger programmers will struggle to deal with the requirements of today’s stack. The best backend developers are the ones that think like hardware engineers, says analyst Dr. James Stanier.

Video tutorial

Design patterns in the 21st century

Looking to simplify your design patterns? Take a look at this helpful overview of the classic design patterns and how functions can simplify your design and make your results cleaner and shorter.

Automated build systems

Local continuous delivery with Node.js and Grunt

Nowadays, everybody’s talking about continuous delivery, but how many of us can say we’ve encountered “Local Continuous Delivery”? In this guest post, blogger Chris Yanx shows us a novel approach to automating a local build system with Grunt, Node.js and Java.

IoT connectivity

Connecting the world of 10 billion devices

The world is becoming connected: more than 3 billion people online, 8 billion devices, millions of apps. What does this mean to developers? It means that you developers are becoming the creators of a new world – a connected world.