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Introduction to Architectural Katas

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Architectural Katas

This talk from the International PHP Conference discusses Architectural Katas. How can it help you and your team train methods such as events storming? Learn all about it and get one step closer to better software architecture in this informative session by agile software and code quality consultant Frank Sons.

Everyone wants a good architecture, so most of us learned all about design patterns, microservices and all the other important things. But with the raise of DDD it is getting more obvious again: We need to focus more on understanding the functional requirements and specifications instead of thinking too much about the solution. This doesn’t mean we need to go back to the “Big Design Up Front” days of waterfall, but it seems that agile made us forget that some planning is actually quite useful. Most of the time we haven’t even understood the problem before we start coding.

In this talk, Frank Sons will show you show how Architectural Katas can help us train methods like events storming or to focus more on requirements in general.


Architectural KatasFrank Sons is a freelancing developer and consultant for agile software and code quality. He supports developement teams in improving their code quality and helps establishing best practices for agile development and continuous integration workflows in teams.

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