Free Software Foundation

Apple to Lift Restrictions on GNU Go?

Jessica Thornsby

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has called for Apple to lift the restrictions on use and distribution of the iPhone port of GNU Go.

According to FSF the Apple-enforced legal restrictions are forbidden by section 6 of GPLv2, and the organisation has written to the company asking them to comply with the GPL’s terms.

“GPLv2 gives every individual and company permission to modify and distribute the software; but if they do that, they must follow terms of the license that are designed to ensure that people who receive the software from them have both the legal right and practical ability to share and change the software as well,” reads the announcement. “Apple is free to distribute our software through the App Store if they wish, but they cannot take advantage of the license’s permissions while turning a blind eye to the conditions.”

However, the announcement does not hold out much hope that Apple will comply, stating that they expect GNU Go to disappear from the App Store soon.