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Ways to cut down app development costs by half

Nishtha Kumari
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Mobile app development can cost a pretty penny, after all is said and done. Do you have to sacrifice quality to save money? Follow these five tips to help cut down app development costs, while still delivering a quality product in the end. With these tips, you will learn how to become agile and how consistent testing can save you time and money.

Who doesn’t want to get discounts on expenses without compromising between quality and quantity? When we talk about cutting costs during the app development process, the urge becomes more prevalent. 

The cost of developing an app is not digestible for all the people. Not everyone is willing to pay a hefty sum, which can sometimes equal a yearly income for some people.

Well, there is no such magic to get a mobile application delivered at the cost of peanuts and chocolate. Let us give you 5 ways that will definitely help you make a significant difference when it comes to app cost.

Market research

Market research is the first step towards lowering the expenses of developing an application. With the help of market research, you can easily understand if your app is going to rock in the market or will get abandoned by its users. 

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Having an insight into the market can help you understand if your app is going to be accepted by the users or not. And thus, by answering these questions, it will become easier for you to decide whether or not to invest.


The mobile app development cost varies the location you are targeting. If you want to develop an app for developed countries and inhouse, the cost will be higher as compared to apps meant for developing countries. 

Furthermore, some of the app development companies also offer outsourcing services, so choose wisely before moving ahead.

Mobile app development company

The task of deciding which app development company to choose also makes a difference in the overall app development project. 

Hiring a freelancer might cost you less, but you need to cater to all the hidden costs and associated challenges. Meanwhile, going for the best and reliable app development company might cost you more, but with less hassle.

In such a scenario, it is better to compare services and then decide the right app partner. It might be better to go with a medium app development company to get the best of both.

Cross-platform development approach

When you are willing to make an app for multiple platforms, cross-platform app development approach is the right choice.

The approach aids in coding for a single app that works effectively on both Android and iOS platforms. This way, you will be spared from the cost of developing different codes for both the platform.

MVP release

MVP is another way to cut down the cost and hassle in order to enter the mobile app industry. The MVP is basically the skeleton of the original version of the mobile application which helps you test the core idea of the app along with inserting the most basic features of the application. The whole process can be done with 1/xth of the whole mobile app development cost.

This practice helps you test your app idea and make an early entry to the market while getting better user insights. You will save money that would have been wasted if the fully-fledged mobile app you were building failed to hit the market as expected.

Agile methodology

The agile development approach is one of the most effective methods to cut down the cost of making an app. When agile, you split the complete project into smaller independent chunk. These chunks are developed individually and tested before taking the project to the next level. 

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This approach results in faster development, lower dependency of team members on each other, extensive testing, and minimal risk if the market trends changes and you have to upgrade your app idea accordingly.

Consistent testing

Investing time, effort, and funds into the quality assurance process can save money in the long-run.  Furthermore, it can help you develop a bug-free, errorless application. This means a lower risk of app failure and fewer app maintenance requirements.

Now that you know some of the proven ways for launching a mobile app in the market without making a hole in your pocket, don’t sit back idle. Explore the potential.


Nishtha Kumari

Nishtha Kumari is the Content Specialist at Appventurez, a leading mobile app development company that offers cost-effective Android and iOS application design and development services in USA and India. Her priority is covering new technologies and techniques for her audience.

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