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Regulations as a Service – rethinking APIs

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Follow Khallai Taylor, a fintech product evangelist and consultant of secure APIs and blockchain across the world, as she discusses regulations as a service. In her talk, she will teach you how to rethink how APIs can focus on PSD2 as a service and GDPR as a service.

The platform economy is ubiquitous within many sectors and is easily identified by the big four Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. Having wild success and global adoption and leaving regulated sectors scrambling to catch up. In this talk, we will explore how a German fintech is changing the dynamics and disrupting the financial sector with a SaaS platform by rethinking how APIs can offer regulations as a service, focusing on PSD2 as a service and GDPR as a service.


SaaSKhallai Taylor is a Fintech Product Evangelist in Berlin and a consultant of secure APIs and Blockchain in Africa, America, and Europe. Khallai works directly with engineering, product, compliance and sales teams ensuring streamlined communication and product development between the teams. Khallai has 17+ years as a technologist, academic and an advocate for women in tech.

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