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Why you should use OpenAPI for your API design

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API First development – should you practice it? Of course you should! In this lightning talk, Nick Van Hoof will show you how OpenAPI can make your life easier in a serverless world. Join him in this short talk from the API Conference and come away knowing how to practice API First development.

Creating the contract with your consumers is the first thing you do.

  • You can automatically create your API from this OpenAPI definitions (e.g. skip the whole configuration of your API Gateway on AWS by using OpenAPI)
  • You’ll have a beautiful visual overview of your API
  • Generate your class definitions based on this OpenAPI definitions
  • Validate incoming and outgoing requests with the OpenAPI definition

Did you notice that I just gave you five advantages of using OpenAPI? It’s only the beginning. And that’s why you should practice API First development with OpenAPI.


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