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API design is not to be left to techies | APICon 2017

Jane Elizabeth

There’s no lone, genius techie who can design the perfect API by themselves. In this keynote, Flavia Sequeira and Ernst Naezer explain why more care should be put into API design and how crucial collaboration is to success. They go over ING’s API Design Methodology and Design Perspectives, which are structured to make it easier to create better solutions.

Following the provocative title, this talk is an effort to broaden the care put in API Design. API Design is not a task for a loner, genius techie; and rather should welcome people from different areas of expertise. The talk proposes a API Design Methodology to facilitate such a collaboration and presents several API Design Perspectives to aid conscious choices upfront. They are what makes API Thinking at ING.

One of the hardest tasks in computer science is naming things, goes a famous joke. It’s funny because naming is a non-technical task. It involves communicating with other people and gathering what they might need and understand.

Seen by most as a technical interface, API Design, often, is about coughing up an interface specification. With their increasing popularity and use in regulation, APIs are now being embraced by non-technical folks from marketing, legal, branding. In other words, APIs are coming-of-age and start to represent the brand, this requires you to develop another outlook towards API design!

Our API Design Methodology and Design Perspectives provide a structured way to reason about the questions the API is trying to answer, and the identification and prototyping of the primary resources, their interactions and purpose.


Flavia Sequeira is an experienced speaker and brings in creativity and originality on a broad range of topics. She is not shy of large and small audiences. Flavia is a software engineer turned architect turned designer turned good thinker. And loves technology that makes a difference in society, business and organizations. She has been involved with APIs at ING bank from its inception days and has participated in this journey as a trainer, designer, developer and product owner. In her current role, she shapes API thinking. She truly believes that mixing people from different backgrounds is what creates progress. And loves her coffee black, in single shots.

Ernst Naezer loves working with creative people and believes that the only way to have a great idea is to have lots of them. When it comes to technology Ernst has a wide range of experience; from building embedded software for Internet of Things devices to designing and running web applications at large scale. The common thread in all this is that software should be relevant and meaningful for humans.

Jane Elizabeth
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