Apache UIMA Version 2.3.0 Released


The Apache UIMA development community has announced the release of version 2.3.0 of their Unstructured Information Management Architecture (UIMA) framework. UIMA is an Apache-hosted incubation project that supports the reusing and combining of components that annotate unstructured content information. This includes text, audio and video.

Version 2.3.0 consists of four packages:

1) The base framework UIMA Java Software Development Kit (SDK).

2) UIMA-AS, for Asynchronous Scalout capability.

3) UIMACPP framework, which supports components written in c++ an other languages.

4) UIMA Addons, which includes tools such as the Lucas interface for using UIMA with Apache Lucene, and the TikaAnnotator, which uses the Apache Tika project text extractors.

Version 2.3.0’s base framework now supports Java 5 generics and features a new network serialisation format for communicating with remote annotators.

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