New Jackrabbit Releases

Apache Sling Treat Fans To Four New Releases

Jessica Thornsby

Apache Jackrabbit announce Sling JCR Jackrabbit Access Manager 2.1.0, JCR DavEX Support 1.0.0, and more!

The Apache Sling team have announced a list of new releases, including versions 2.1.0 of the Sling JCR Jackrabbit Access Manager, Apache Sling JCR Jackrabbit User Manager, and Apache Sling JCR Jackrabbit User Manager. Apache Sling JCR DavEX Support 1.0.0 has also been announced.

Apache Sling is a web framework that uses a Java Content Repository to store and manage content. JCR Jackrabbit Access Manager 2.1.0 now allows AccessManager POST servlets to return JSON, and adds replaceAccessControlEntry method to AccessControlUtil. A servlet has been added to get effective access control list. Meanwhile, JCR Jackrabbit User Manager version 2.1.0 provides a new toString method for AuthorizableValueMap, and adds a AuthorizablePrivilegesInfo service for helping management scripts query what the current user is permitted to do. Finally, JCR WebDAV support 2.1.0 upgrades to Jackrabbit 2.1.1.

The releases can be downloaded now.


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