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Apache Sling GWT Integration Hits 3.0.0 Mark and WTP 3.2.1 Released

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, deploy GWT RC within Swing with Apache Sling GWT Integration version 3.0.0 and a new, SBT-Based, Scala Akka Project is launched.

Deploy GWT RC Within Swing

Apache Sling GWT Integration version 3.0.0 is out now!

Apache Sling GWT Integration allows Google Web Toolkit (GWT) RPC services to be deployed within a Sling application. This release upgrades the GWT Extension to 2.0.3. It can be downloaded now.

WebSocket4J WebSocket Protocol

Version 1.1 of WebSocket4J is out now.

WebSocket4J is a Java, WebSocket protocol implementation, which allows the building of web applications that can interact with applications running on the Java Virtual Machine. Please note that this implementation doesn’t implement the client side of the protocol. This release fixes a crash that occurred when a client sent cookies in a handshake.

It can be downloaded now.

Eclipse Web Tools Platform 3.2.1

Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) have released version 3.2.1.

WTP aims to extend the Eclipse platform with tools for developing Web and Java EE applications. This is a bug fix release for version 3.2.0. The next scheduled maintenance release, 3.2.2, will be included in Helios SR1.

UISpec4J Testing Library for Swing-Based Java Apps

Version 2.3 of the UISpec4J testing library, is now available.

UISpec4J is open source, and targets Swing-based Java applications, built on top of JUnit and TestNG. UISpec4J’s APIs attempt to hide the complexities of Swing. The latest release ensures that fails immediately instead of returning an Assertion. It also introduces UISpecAssert.failure which returns an Assertion that always fails.

New SBT-Based, Scala Akka Project

Akka Web Template is a new, SBT-based, Scala Akka project that sets up a web project with REST and Comet support. The project ships with a hello-world style demo application and an actor boot class. It targets Akka 0.9.1 and Scala 2.8.0.RC3, requires the Akka SBT plugin and uses SBT dependencies instead of setting up maven repositories.

Scala IDE for Eclipse – for Helios!

The Scala IDE for Eclipse now has experimental support for Eclipse Helios! It can be downloaded from the nightly update site.

GlasshFish 3.1 M3 and Brand New YouTube Channel

GlassFish have launched their brand new YouTube channel: GlassFishVideos. Already online are fifteen screencasts from Alexis, with more videos promised soon.

In related GlassFish news, GlassFish 3.1 Milestone 3 is out now – and the GlassFish admin console can now speak cluster. This follows the introduction of clustering and centralised admin features in Milestones 1 and Milestone 2.

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